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Founder, CEO

SocialEco Ltd

Theo is the founder and CEO of SocialEco Ltd, a Transactionchain-specialist company developing social-business solutions that drive inclusion and empowerment in and through the digital economy. He is also a social entrepreneur and inventor.

Theo is the inventor of the $1 Smartphone, of Transactionchain and of GameLearner.

The $1 Smartphone is a revolutionary Transactionchain-integrated smartphone finance platform that enables businesses and governments to access the Base of Pyramid (BOP) population with a sustainable social finance Smartphone system that simultaneously allows BOP users to own a smartphone for a cost of just $1. Transactionchain is the evolved distributed ledger technology that overcomes limitations of the Blockchain for private, institutional use.

GameLearner is a new mobile learning platform combining simple and addictive formulas with learning and quiz based testing. GameLearner can be applied to all subjects including digital literacy and financial literacy and is currently available for the Sustainable Development Goals in the form of SDG Game & Quiz and SDG Achiever on Android via the Google Play Store.

Early in his carrier, Theo was involved in the introduction of pioneering Unified Communications technologies into Europe (with Vivao), with Telecommunications Least Cost Routing (Stanhope Telecom) and advised telecoms companies (Transnet, Euphony) on migration away from telecoms into the early Internet and web based value added services economies given the emerging threat of VoIP.

More recently, Theo developed a social-business affiliate network platform to empower entrepreneurs and small businesses by allowing them to leverage the power of the viral Internet and establish sustainable revenues with value added services. Ownership of the company set up to deliver the network, The People’s Vision, is being transferred to aligned investors and network leaders.

Theo received a United Nations Award for the contribution of MDG Game to the Millennium Development Goals. MDG Game was the only educational game on the MDGs developed with official UN statistical data and was launched by the China Under Secretary-General of UNDESA at the Shanghai World Expo 2012. Today, as CEO of SocialEco, Theo focuses on developing the SocialEco Transactionchain-integrated $1 Smartphone and GameLearner platform and business.

A former Decathlon champion, Theo enjoys running and swimming to keep fit, connecting with like minds and collaborating on disruptive technologies that realize collective human potential.



SocialEco Ltd


Chief Corporate Officer

SocialEco Ltd

​Mark is a qualified English Barrister with over 20 years of international telecommunications experience, having worked in international roles in fixed line, mobile, satellite and service provision companies.

He is currently the General Counsel of Thuraya Telecommunications based in Dubai , which is one of the leading mobile satellite services companies and is also an independent director of Eseye limited, a fast growing IoT company based in Guildford, UK.

Mark has been part of leadership teams in the communications and technology sectors that have grown their international telecommunications businesses significantly. Prior to Thuraya, Mark was the Chief Legal Officer for Virgin Mobile Middle East and Africa based in Dubai, where he negotiated strategic agreements with mobile operators in the region and joint ventures with investors.

He was also Head of Group Legal for the Carphone Warehouse Group PLC (when it included Talk Talk), where he facilitated the company’s acquisition and integration of AOL Broadband UK and negotiated the joint venture with AOL.​