Our world doesn't need yet another smartphone that 4 billion people living on less than $8 per day can't afford. It needs a revolution in smartphone finance that makes the impossible possible, that turns an $80 retail smartphone into a $1 smartphone. MyEco $1 Smartphone As A Service is the world's first integrated smartphone finance platform that enables businesses and governments to directly engage this 4 billion un-connected population with Apps and surveys for a fee, for the first time. MyEco uniquely uses these fees to finance the true cost of the device so these un-connnected 4 billion can own a smartphone for just $1.



Cost to end user: $1

Memory: 1GB RAM

Processor: 1.3GHz quad-core

Screen: 4.5 inch 480*854 IPS

Camera: 2.0MP Rear, 0.3MP Front

Battery: 3000mAh

OS: Android 5.1

Created to empower Humanity:

The majority of digitally connected users use feature phones. However we are seeing increased adoption of smartphones on account of their superior features. Smartphones accelerate development because they have more intersections with key sectors such as health, education and agriculture, and because they offer better access to income creation opportunities. SocialEco works with leaders in technology to deliver best-in-class Apps that empower the $1 Smartphone owner.

Key Hardware Specifications

The majority of the world's poorest live in developing countries where access to electricity is a challenge. The MyEco $1 Smartphone has a huge 3,000mAh battery to ensure users can efficiently use the phone all day without needing a re-charge.

3,000mAh Battery

At 3,000mAh, MyEco's battery is double the usual 1,400mAh battery capacity of comparable low cost smartphones, giving users the flexibility of power and economy.

Enhanced 4.5" Screen

1GB Memory

What’s inside the box?

About us

SocialEco Ltd is a software development company established in 2015 and based in London, England. We develop advanced regulated Transactionchain solutions that overcome the limitations of Blockchain technology for use by financial institutions. We also develop technology-for-good solutions, such as the MyEco $1 Smartphone platform, that contribute to Universal smartphone-based digital inclusion.

Our digital inclusion solutions are designed to enable the world's poorest to improve their lives, transition out of poverty and establish financial security. These solutions, especially when combined with our partner solutions, also serve to lift national economies and enable governments to realize important socio-economic policies